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About Us

About Us

Kenter Metal Otomotiv AS is an industrial packaging manufacturer and metal fabrications solution provider for different industries for more than 10 years. We produce a wide range of products and assemblies mainly in industrial packaging solutions and metal fabrication services. 
We provide full-service metal fabrication services, working with you from product research to manufacturing. Our experts work closely to assist every step of the process. Allow us to analyse and review your designs in order to achieve increased quality and lower costs.
Working with a team of domestic and global partners, our dedicated staff can address any manufacturing challenges.
We have supply chain operations in major regions along with the latest fabrication equipment and knowledge. You can depend on Kenter Metal AS & Turkosan UK ltd  for all your industrial component parts and assemblies.
Producing a custom metal part in a specific desired shape requires specialized fabrication equipment. At The Kenter Metal AS & Turkosan UK limited, we have the materials, machinery, and experience to handle any custom metal fabrication project.
We have worked with customers in a wide range of industries:
•    Agriculture
•    Aerospace
•    Automotive Industry
•    Construction
•    Consumer products
•    Defence
•    Energy
•    Heavy truck and recreational vehicles
•    Marine
•    Medical Industry
•    Railway
Our capabilities also cover all types of applications and manufacturing needs. You can rely on us for short-run or high-volume fabrication and manufacturing. We also provide world-class precision products and quality assurance. Whether you need parts created for aerospace and defence applications, metal parts fabrication for heavy trucks, metal fabrication for medical equipment or anything else, we’ll be able to provide you with high-quality, reliable service.
We offer a complete range of metal fabrication capabilities & advantages;
Our Advantages
•    Cost and time Saving solutions.
•    In-depth product analysis
•    Increased product performance
•    Shorter product development cycles
•    Wide range of capabilities
•    Decreased manufacturing costs.
•    Compliance with industry standards
•    Wide range of machinery
•    Custom Design
•    Office in United Kingdom
•    Direct shipment from Türkiye manufacturing site.
•    Wide range of references
•    10 years of experience in the sector
•    Sourcing all your needs from a single company
•    Flexibility to create and refine successful solutions.
Our Capabilities 
•    CNC Machining
•    Laser Cutting
•    Cutting & Bending
•    Welding
•    Dust Coating
•    Investment Casting
•    Fabric Sewing
•    PP, Eva, Sponge, and Foam Laser Cut
•    Prototyping and Modeling
•    Subcontracting
•    CAD/CAM Services
•    Product Assembly and Test
Our machine park:
•    CNC Tuning machines
•    Vertical Machining centres
•    Laser Cutting machine.
•    Dust Coating line
•    Bending machines
•    Profile cutting
•    Metal sheet cutting
•    Welding machines
•    Laser welding machines

Our Mission

To have an understanding of quality product and service management by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground, being able to comprehend the needs of the sector quickly, investing in people and knowledge.

Our Vision

To have a respectable, stable, reliable and sharing structure that does not compromise on quality in product and service in order to be a pioneer in the sector with its knowledge and experience.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy as an information technology partner that our customers can trust in critical business applications and respects ethical values;
•    To act in accordance with the corporate identity of the organization
•    To comply with laws and regulations affecting our products and services
•    To follow the innovations and developments in the sector
•    To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to ensure the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
•    Using our resources efficiently with the active participation of our employees
•    To ensure and increase the continuity of customer satisfaction.
Addressing customer complaints within the framework of the principles of openness, impartiality, confidentiality, easy accessibility, fairness and sensitivity, and resolving them as soon as possible.
To ensure product and service quality by understanding customer demands and complaints and to ensure continuous improvement.

Working Health Safety

Kenter Metal AS considers the human as its most valuable asset in all its activities and adopts it as its primary business goal to minimize any loss that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment.
It constantly encourages its suppliers and business partners to be responsible organizations for occupational health and safety.
Creating a participatory management system,
To provide a healthy, peaceful and safe working environment to all our employees, suppliers and customers we serve, by adopting human safety as a basic principle.
Manufacturing site:

D100 Karayolu Uzeri, Duzce Ticaret Borsası karsisi, istilli köyü mevkii, 81100 Duzce Turkiye
info@kentermetal.com www.kentermetal.com
Telephone: +90 380 537 5128  :: Whatsapp : +90 532 5470202

UK Office:
Maidenhead United Kingdom
sulusoy@kentermetal.com :: info@turkosan.co.uk
Telephone +44 7442 772000
Kenter Metal
Kenter Metal

Kenter Metal Automative Inc.

Address: D-100 Karayolu Üzeri Ticaret Borsası Karşısı İstilli Köyü
Merkez / Düzce / Turkiye
Phone: 0380 537 51 28